About Us

Established in 2009, Studio Vertebra is a design office that establishes the right relationship with its context in architectural design processes, takes the human-space ratio as a basis and acts with the responsibility of producing sustainable projects. Adopting global architectural values, it produces original and functional projects that appeal to the spirit of space and time in many areas from urban scale to interior architectural designs, from architectural projects with different functions to restoration works.

As an architectural design office with many international awards, the architectural style of Studio Vertebra  is shaped by the concepts of simplicity, clarity, functionality and integrity. Well thought out timeless projects are created by a multidisciplinary design team, each of whom has serious international experience in their field and has a command of design, detail solutions and construction processes. Studio Vertebra, which has a professional team that is well organized, loves its job, can read the design as a whole,; considers employer demands and feasibility analyzes as an important factor in its designs, and sees the employer as an important part of the team.

Specialized in large-scale projects, Studio Vertebra has implemented many projects in 35 different countries, and has created designs with all kinds of functions such as urban masterplans, airports, hotels, hospitals, museums and cultural buildings and  mixed-use buildings. Studio Vertabra’s services are not limited to architectural design and project planning but also include professional consultancy, project management and design & build processes.