Studio Vertebra is a design office where many projects come to life in the field of design and implementation. Since its establishment, it has carried out the design, project design, implementation, quality control, project management and consultancy services of structures in many scales, functions and different types.

In its architectural designs, it aims a holistic, qualified design that takes into account the sensitivity of the city and the environment, together with human needs. It prefers to balance aesthetic, functional, social, economic and technical elements in the solutions it produces and develops its design in a way that responds to customer and user needs.

Studio Vertebra provides the following services within the scope of architectural services;

• Preparation of Architectural Sketches
• Concept Architectural Project Design
• Architectural Preliminary Project Drawing
• Architectural Preliminary Project Preparation
• Preparation of Architectural Application Project
• Preparation of Architectural System Sections
• Drawing of Architectural Manufacturing and Assembly Details
• Architectural Consulting
• Architectural Consultancy and Control
• Architectural Site Supervision