Studio Vertebra is an architectural design office established by four partners in 2009. It provides “multidisciplinary” project services in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, and historical restoration.

Keeping in mind urban, architectural and interior architectural factors together, it adopts a “holistic” approach in all its projects. The design process is far from individual convictions and all the designers in the team contribute to the progress of the process. The employer’s requests are evaluated as an important factor in the design process and the employer is also considered as a partner in the team. The mentioned “multi-input” approach is an extension of the concept of “universal” project.

The field of activity consists of all the architectures in various forms and scales including city designs in high quantities. As well as being consistent to the architectural typologies, the interior architectural projects are designed in boutique and point scales according to the characteristics of the space.

The Studio Vertebra carries out projects that contain global architectural values and that provide sustainability by considering human space ratio. It creates well-designed interior spaces that properly harmonize with the urban plan. In line with this understanding, the “universal” approach is the focus in all the works of Studio Vertebra.