Studio Vertebra is an architectural design office jointly founded by four partners in 2009. It performs ‘well-disciplined’ works and activities in architectural, interior architecture and old artifact project services.
A ‘‘holistic’’ approach is adopted in projects by taking into consideration urban, architectural and interior architecture factors.
Design process is away from individual opinions, all designers in the team contribute to the development of the process. Client inputs are treated as a very important factor in design and Client is also considered a part of the team. This ‘‘multiple input’’ approach is the expression of “complete’’ project concept.
The working scales are all architectural structures that have different types and scales, starting from high-quantity urban arrangements. While interior architecture projects are implemented in line with architectural typologies, they could be formulated on boutique and point scales according to the qualifications of volume.
Studio Vertebra basically implements the projects which have correct relationship with urban plan, consist of correctly-analyzed internal volumes and include global architectural values such as sustainability and considering human – space ratio and manages all its works and activities based on ‘‘complete’’ approach.